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Jackie Hancock Photography is pleased to sponsor Suzanne Smith as one of our Brand Ambassadors.


Suzi began her British Dressage journey with the Prelim MyQuest series, which she went on to win in 2018 with her homebred horse. She also attended the winter Petplan Prelim National Championships, after winning her regional qualifier. Sadly, she lost her horse unexpectedly in 2019. Her new horse was a locally bred 2 year old filly, called Winnie. However, it soon became apparent that Winnie liked to have company.

Kate Thomas of ASK Sport Horses happily took the opportunity to send an ex-racehorse she had to Suzi to retrain in dressage, knowing it would receive all the correct care and training it needed. Once this horse was well on its way with its schooling, it was returned to Kate, who was so impressed that they agreed to do this for more ex racehorses. 

Suzi is passionate about equine welfare and saw this as a good opportunity to give these horses a stepping stone, from a racing career into a normal equestrian non racing life. Where they could get the care,  attention and retraining needed to help them move into new homes within the larger equine community. She also found that by competing these horses, she was able to showcase their abilities to a wider audience and to build that audience further, she created a Facebook page (SS Racehorse Retraining) showing the journey of each horse, to try to show equestrians that these horses have a lot to offer as riding horses.   

All horses are checked by the farrier, have their teeth done if it's been over 12 months since they were last done, or show signs that it is needed more frequently than that, and are fully vaccinated.  All horses undergo a targeted worm control programme and see a physio where needed. 

All horses are available to new homes when Suzi is happy that they are ready. Then all negotiations are direct with their owner, Kate Thomas of ASK Sport Horses, who carefully selects the right home. 

SS Racehorse retraining is not a business. Suzi retrains and cares for these horses in her spare time on behalf of Kate Thomas, ASK Sport Horses. 

Suzi now also competes with her own horse Winnie, and has begun her BD campaign with her, stepping up to novice level this year.


To follow Suzi with her latest news, competitions and retraining of Racehorses, please see her social media details below. 


Facebook: SS Racehorse Retraining


Instagram: ss.horses1